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Sound Healing

My purpose is to provide a safe space to experience healing through natural processes. I consider the use of sound and energy as a way to encourage the body to get back to optimal functioning and everyone reacts to these methods individually. I make no claims for their medicinal actions, nor do I cite scientific evidence. Sound healing is not an alternative to medical advice. Any information offered is done so on the basis of personal experience and traditional uses.

Please note: you may need to check with your doctor prior to a sound bath because they are not suitable for everyone. Consult with your doctor prior for any of the following reasons: pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks, if you have a pacemaker or any other heart implant or condition, if you have any metal in the body such as plates, pins, ball joints, have epilepsy, an insulin pump, any unhealed open wounds, deep vein thrombosis, or any prior nerve damage. By going ahead with a booking, you are agreeing that a sound bath is safe for you and that you take responsibility for your own wellbeing. 

Now that the serious bit is out of the way ...

Why did I call my website and business Ener-G? Because that is what we are. We are energetic, electrical, vibrating, charged beings whose inner light brings life force into the physical bodies of vibrating matter that we inhibit.

Yoga is a discipline that targets our subtle, energetic body; it doesn’t just sculpt the physical body and make it healthy, or target the mind and make it calm. It is not just asana (the physical limb of yoga). Yoga is a philosophy to calm the mind and connect to our inner Source energy, and it spans hundreds of methods and techniques that help us pave the way to get there. What all of these techniques have in common is that they intend to relax our nervous systems and minds, and increase our energy.  

We are electromagnetic beings, and our emotions and thoughts are just electromagnetic waves that pass through us, or energy. Unless we suppress or repress them, then they become stuck, both in our physical bodies and electromagnetic fields. This stuck energy prevents the normal flow of energy that keeps us healthy.

It is hard to get our heads around the idea that everything is energy, even inanimate objects like a rock or piece of paper that appear motionless. But everything is just energy and we exist as energetic beings in that vast ocean of connected energy. There is an exchange of positive and negative forces across cell membranes and atoms that gives rise to a dance of energy, or the expression: ‘everything jiggles.’ Not just the charge obviously lighting up our phone screen and light bulb, but the chair we’re sat on, the ground beneath us, animals, thoughts, us.

The physical and subtle branches of yoga are a wonderful way to increase our energy and release trapped energy, whilst keeping our bodies mobile and strong. Another way is to use sound, which is pure energy, or vibration, or electricity, to alter own energy, vibration, and electricity. We are electric beings, and once we understand what this means, we start to understand why yoga makes us feel good, and why sound healing could help even further.

Read on below if you want to know more about sound healing …

If you are interested in a one to one or to book a sound bath, keep an eye out for workshops by joining the website so that you’ll receive announcements, or contact me directly.

Image by Markus Spiske

What is a sound bath?

In a relaxed lying down (or seated) position we relax completely, fully supported. Pillows, bolsters under knees or back, blankets, hot water bottles, eye masks, and warm clothes are all encouraged. You want to be as comfortable and warm as possible. I will start with a guided meditation while gently playing the quartz crystal singing bowls. There are 7 singing bowls, with 1 that resonates at the frequency of each of our chakras. Then I will play the singing bowls for 50 minutes, during which eyes are closed and we just let the powerful vibrations wash over our bodies and cleanse our energy field and pathways, releasing stuck energies.

How does sound therapy work?

Albert Einstein famously stated that everything in life is vibration. It is now accepted that he was right, every living thing has its own unique frequency, from an organ in your body to your thoughts and feelings.

Sound is just a form of energy, or vibration. And vibrations affect vibrations.

Sound healing is the application of sound frequencies, or vibrations, to body and mind with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health. 


All matter is vibrating at specific frequencies, and so sound healing is based upon the idea that when something goes wrong in the body, these natural frequencies have become disrupted. Disease, illness, and pain are thought to be caused by blockages or imbalances in these natural vibratory rates. When these blockages are removed, health and well-being may be restored.

These blockages are removed through a process called ‘entrainment.’

When singing bowls are played, the vibrations hit our bodies. When the two energy frequencies encounter each other they enter a state of harmonic vibration, they create resonance.

Entrainment happens when you hear a frequency, and your body matches it. Our internal bodily vibrations change in response to the frequencies that we hear. Sound healing can rebalance disrupted frequencies by entraining our heartbeat, brainwaves, and even cells to start vibrating in harmony with an external rhythm; they attune themselves to the stronger, more powerful vibration.


Stress is stored in the body and manifests as disease, dis-ease, and discordant energy. Sound energy affects our bodies at a cellular level by changing our vibration on a subatomic level. It is composed of waves that travel through the air at different frequencies, applying the harmonic frequencies that resonate with different parts of our body to bring them back into balance. Sound healing may help shift us from feeling unwell to well.


The vibration of a quartz crystal singing bowl looks like a sine wave. They are the only musical instruments that can produce this wave. This frequency and vibration produce a multi directional sound which surrounds and vibrates within us. It flows through our bodies like a wave, leaving us feeling relaxed as if we have had a great massage, whilst allowing our mind to relax like we’ve had a great meditation.

Sound healing is an amazing way to slow down that lowers our blood pressure and assists our parasympathetic nervous to recover from stress. A sound bath is meditation. We feel the vibrations flowing through us, taking us into a deeply relaxed trance like state. We are cleansed by the sound of specially tuned frequencies that target our chakras, organs, brain waves, and all cells to bring us into a state of deep rest and self-healing. Each bowl is tuned to a different chakra, or energy centre. When played, they resonate with the chakras, cleansing and clearing them so energy can move through the body at a place of vibrational harmony. As we play slower, calming sounds, they ease our mind into slower brain wave states, which is exactly what we do in meditation. 

It has been shown that playing certain tones on a singing bowl can induce specific brainwave states, determined by the electrical patterns in our brain. Brainwave frequency determines what state we’re in, from activity to deep sleep, and can be altered by the vibrations of singing bowls, setting the stage for deep relaxation and even transcendental meditative states. Over time, it can also help change the patterns of electrical activity in our brain, helping to improve mental health, overcome insomnia, and generally improve quality of life.

What are the therapeutic benefits?


Studies have shown that the human brain responds to sound vibrations in a way that helps heal many ailments such as: back aches, headaches, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis pain, muscle spasms and strains, fibromyalgia, and sinus problems. It has been shown helpful in treating depression, stress, and anxiety, improving immune system functioning, digestion, benefitting cancer patients, stimulating circulation, insomnia, reducing inflammation, increasing bone density in osteoporosis patients, and healing wounds faster.


Sound healing is helpful for relaxation, releasing stagnant energy (chakras and chi, or life force). It helps us reduce stress, anxiety, and to fall asleep. The relaxation component and emotional release reduces stress and inner pain, which underlie most other conditions and diseases.

What can I expect to feel during and after?

As sound passes through, it balances body, mind and spirit by clearing blockages in the energy flow. This helps your body and mind to release tension and stress. Some have a feeling of well-being afterwards, others feel like they need to drink water and rest. You may be tired or feel nausea or a headache during the first few days, or like a headache has lifted and you are full of energy. Some feel deep relaxation, even to the point of sleep, and may wake up in a state of bliss. Some feel like they’re floating outside their bodies. The emotional release is not always subtle, it can feel more dramatic – this is perfectly normal. You may feel cold or develop flu-like symptoms, an indication that your is body detoxifying, expelling toxins from lungs and sinuses. You may feel hungry.


Emotional release may be felt as letting go of pain and suffering that has been stored in the body, clearing negative energy, with watery eyes from the overflow of emotion as you let go. It may be clarity, a weight being lifted, lightness in body, and feeling freedom as you detach from old stories no longer needed.

Everyone feels and responds differently. When listening to a frequency, it is the sound that resonates within us that we are hearing. The frequency itself does not cause the feeling; it is because of our own resonance with the frequency that we feel it is doing something to us.


We all respond individually to frequencies because we all resonate at different levels and intensities. Everyone experiences things differently, including sound frequencies, and there are many ways that we can react to a sound bath, in ways that feel good or bad. Nothing is positive or negative even if it feels physically or emotionally painful. It is all normal, and it will all pass, we just need to try to allow things to be rather than assign a positive or negative emotion. It will be what was needed at that particular time to allow things to flow.


Sounds enables our bodies to release blocked energy, old cellular memories, negative emotions, and other blockages that can cause illness or disease. It works on the physical body and subtle body. When we are able to release these blockages, we help the body to vibrate at it’s natural frequency without disruptions to that energy flow, so that everything may work as it is intended to and the body has sufficient energy to heal itself more efficiently.

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