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Here’s What They’re Saying

Emily Lambert

Attending this yin yoga class is usually the most relaxed I feel all week! Helen is such a warm and inclusive teacher, and takes a very holistic approach to creating a peaceful environment. The vinyasa classes are also a pleasure to attend. Suitable for absolutely everyone- if I can do it, anybody can. With Helen’s amazing energy, this feels like more than just an exercise class - it’s good for the soul!

Paul King

As a complete yoga beginner I started Helen’s vinyasa flow sessions in Autumn 2022 at the age of 57. They are great fun and provide an excellent and challenging work out. Although fast flowing Helen’s excellent explanation of each pose enables a complete beginner to fully take part in the whole session. The sessions seem suitable for all abilities with participants able to take each pose as far as they feel comfortable! Yoga feels like an excellent companion to other exercise (running, cycling) and even more so to life in general. Thank you Helen
Would recommend: Yes
Comments: I wish this had been an option at school!

Ann Yeoman

I started yin yoga with Helen a few months ago and have certainly noticed an improvement in my flexibility and general wellbeing. After the first session I was SO chilled out I ended up driving down the wrong road on leaving the village hall! Helen's Tuesday night session of yin is my time to focus on me and is a meditation for the mind as well as being beneficial for my body. I would highly recommend Helen's class and her light and warmth is contagious.

Dee Oxborough

A friend recommended Helen to me… I live in a different part of the country and so have joined classes on Zoom. Helen is a brilliant teacher and I felt very welcome and comfortable with her straight away. She has a great vibe and lovely way of teaching (even the challenging stuff), and is always so warm and easy to be with. Helen has all the traits I would look for in a yoga teacher and I’m really pleased to have found her. Excellent classes and I would highly recommend!

Lori Weber

Helen has an incredible gift. She creates an environment where anyone, no matter how confident or supple, can benefit hugely from her yoga knowledge, generous people instincts and energy for her work. I came to Helen in my mid-fifties;  stiff, a bit stressed and feeling disconnected from my body. Through Helen’s classes and 1:1 sessions, I’ve increased my physical strength and flexibility, and benefited from all the holistic benefits of her yoga classes. She’s fun and fabulous!

Sue Morris, 72

I am Sue, a 72-year-old who attends Helen’s Ashtanga Yoga class. I feel very lucky to have found a local class with such an inspiring teacher. Helen’s classes are never dull, they are challenging and tough but fun and rewarding. Helen is non-judgemental and always has an alternative for students who may find it difficult to achieve the full posture, so you are able to just go as far as your body allows. Helen clearly demonstrates all the postures so you can follow along. I am extremely grateful and would recommend the experience highly.

Sheila Herring

Helen is everything you would want and hope for in a yoga teacher. Warm, joyful, inclusive, and welcoming, she reaches out to students at every level from beginners to the very experienced, suggesting alternates to poses for where you are. But more than that, I feel she offers the possibility to reach further into ourselves, in accepting where you are now and at the same time stretching out a hand to help to go that little bit further in the poses as well as being more attentive to what is happening in that moment and on that day. Her passion and love of yoga shines through with all the aspects of what we are doing. I am so glad to be part of her class, it brings another level of meaning to my week.

Hannah Dunt, 24

I joined Helen's Yin and Vinyasa classes a few months ago as a complete beginner and have quickly settled in and feel very welcome and comfortable when attending any of her classes. Each class has allowed me to feel positive changes in my mind and body. Yin classes are perfect for when I'm wanting to feel completely relaxed, whereas I will opt for Vinyasa when I want a bit more of a challenge. Helen has a friendly but professional approach and her passion for yoga makes her classes really enjoyable. She creates a positive environment for all which has helped me to love yoga and look forward to attending class each week.

Sandra Hopkins

If you haven’t tried Yin Yoga and think it’s not for you - then think again! I have enjoyed Ashtanga yoga for over 10 years and thought I would try yin for a change. It is a change but a most amazing and mind-blowing change. Holding poses is so much more challenging than I ever thought, and the benefits are amazing. Combining Ashtanga with yin works really well, so if you think it’s easy then think again! Try it and see for yourself!

Emma Remington

I’ve been attending Helen’s vinyasa class since the start of 2022 and I simply love it. Helen is so passionate and is just the loveliest person I think I’ve ever met. There’s no pressure at all and the class is just full of joy. I wished I’d found Helen sooner! I also love having the opportunity to have a chat with her before or at the end of class to share our love of various things (particularly yoga leggings !) I am already seeing benefits to my body and soul since starting to practice yoga and I’m excited to see what the future holds (hopefully a crow pose in the future ) you rock Helen, thank you.

Amanda Bassett

There are yoga teachers and then there are those who inspire. Helen has patience, confidence, and a non-judgmental attitude. She is one of those teachers that gives her students the confidence to go outside their comfort zone, I actually walked into Helen’s yoga class at the start with the attitude I will never do that, to Omg I am doing it. That is an amazing feeling.
Helen is a fantastic yoga teacher. Her directions are clear and precise. She is  very experienced and patient. Her passion for yoga shines through in her teaching. Classes are for all levels, getting more from each pose as you progress, no pressure, no judgement.
Helen changed my way of thinking, I can do things outside my comfort zone. Yoga has made me so much healthier, it truly gave me back my life at the time I needed it.

Julie Nasralla, 65

Whether in studio or online, Yoga with Helen is a truly inspiring experience. Based around the Ashtanga sequences, her classes are dynamic & energising, always challenging but at the same time deeply meditative & relaxing. Over the last 2 1/2 years she has coaxed my ancient limbs (I am 65) into impossible postures which I would never have thought myself capable of. At the same time, I have increased my stamina & core strength significantly. As well as being an excellent teacher she has a gentle & encouraging manner, always ready to coax the most recalcitrant yogis to give of their best. Sessions are hard work but also great fun & I would thoroughly recommend Helen’s classes to anyone looking to improve their suppleness & strength, whilst at the same time finding inner peace & tranquillity. Thank you, Helen.

Julie Stephens

For decades I've had no time. In a life full of lists, deadlines and obligations there was no time for me and I was stressed. Yoga gives me time, it teaches me to relinquish all pressure and focus on my practice; I stress my body and relax my mind. I get far more done now that I take an hour or two for myself each week, and am far happier as a result 
Thank you Helen for giving me time.

Charlie Anderson, 29

Convincing someone to consciously put themselves through physical discomfort, with the promise of a better life at the other end of it is no easy feat… Helen has not only mastered this, but made the whole thing enjoyable! Yoga is a gift you should give yourself.

Ian Mead

Helen is a very knowledgeable and caring teacher. Her classes are relaxed and suitable for all ages and levels of ability. From those starting out, to guys like me who have been around a while. If you are thinking of starting a class don’t hesitate.
It’ll be one of your best decisions you’ve made.

Irene Coker

Helen is very welcoming, knowledgeable, and understanding.
I was nervous about joining a class and keeping up. Everyone
is supportive and friendly going along at their own pace. We are
all different age and abilities but enjoy doing yoga together.

Zoe Davis, 36

Yoga is my time to zone out and concentrate on me for a while. What I love about Ashtanga is that it not only composes me mentally but it’s also a challenging workout and I find that very satisfying. Afterwards, my body feels amazing for the rest of the day. It has improved my strength and balance immensely. Personally, I like seeing the progress I’ve made each week, but Helen doesn’t put any pressure on anyone. For sure, she can show you how to push yourself further, but ultimately, it’s all up to you and what you are comfortable with and want to achieve.

Claire Bennett, 48

Helen's classes have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and the classes cater for both those new to yoga and those with years of experience.

I like the flow yoga as it gives you an aerobic workout too and you don't need to spend ages in any one posture. I always leave the class feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Rachel Woods

I love Yoga and the classes with Helen are wonderful as they are as easy or as difficult as you make them yourself, each class is suitable for you whether you're a beginner or pro at Yoga. Highly recommend and if attending the Monday or Wednesday classes I would recommend booking in advance. Each work out is different and the shavasanna at the end is wonderful, I always feel so relaxed and chilled following Helen’s lessons.

Craig Creed, 42

After many years of “abusing” my body with various activities (weight training, rugby, martial arts, mountain biking, running, as well as many other things) I can safely say I was starting to feel my age a little. My main problem being my lack of flexibility and mobility. Everything from tight hips and hamstrings, lower back and knee pain, hunched posture, and a severe loss in range of movement in my shoulders. A bit of a mess…. I know right.
I won’t lie, I had always thought of yoga as being more for women and a bit “hippy”, so when Helen first suggested I give it a go, I wasn’t thoroughly convinced it would be for me. However, I have now been practicing both vinyasa and yin classes regularly now for around 9 months and although it certainly hasn’t solved all my issues, it has definitely helped and I can really feel the difference, and I am sure I that over the coming months and years it will continue to do so. It has also shown me that although I am strong in some areas, I am incredibly weak in others. I can tell you that yoga is a full body workout and one of the most challenging things that I have done. At times it is also one of the most frustrating things too!
That being said, I can honestly say, I wish I had taken it up years ago and would recommend it to anyone that wants to keep their body (and mind) in better condition.

Jane Powell

I am in my 40s and love the yoga sessions. They are challenging and relaxing in equal measure. I always feel so much better after doing them. I don’t realise how tight my hips are from sitting at a desk. Helen is warm, knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming and I would highly recommend her sessions to anyone. You can go as slow or hard as you choose under clear and good instruction.
I always feel more positive and light by the time I have concluded a session.

Liam Sherrington

As a Yoga newbie I didn’t know what to expect when I joined. Helen creates a very friendly, relaxed and welcoming environment. No matter what level you are at, Helen will make you feel comfortable and able to challenge yourself at the same time. Helen also makes Yoga an acceptable pastime for a stiff middle aged man!

Lynn Latham, 65

Today I went to my first yoga class with Helen, I’ve done yoga for 40 years, on and off, but very little in the last two years due to lockdown, unless it was ‘home alone’ which I’m not great at!

After such a break it was quite hard work, but that’s good, that’s what I needed. Helen’s instruction was clear and I liked that the yoga flowed throughout with just a couple of rests - though we were told we could rest in Child’s Pose whenever we needed to.

It was great to be back in a ‘proper’ class, yoga is excellent for maintaining mobility, for stretching the body and centring the mind. I always feel so much better in myself when I am doing yoga regularly.

Thanks Helen.

Pauline Remes

Helen is a great teacher. Her love of yoga shines through to all of us. She is always welcoming and leaves me with more energy at the end of the session than beforehand xx

Jenny Clarke

Why I love yoga!

Well what I can say, yoga is my ‘go to’ if;

1. I ache from too many workouts - which is all the time, it helps stretch everything out and I feel it prevents injury.

2. I can’t sleep. If my insomnia gets too much then a couple of yoga sessions in a week will help get me back on track.  

3. I’m stressed, it helps relieve anxiety brings me back to the moment and I feel immediately refocused and calmer after practice.

As well as all of the above it improves my general well being.  I love a challenge and I like improving and getting further into the poses each time.  During lockdown yoga was my saving grace and gave me something to look forward to as well as keep me calm to get through the homeschooling whilst working from home providing that little bit of much needed ‘’me time’ and structure. I managed 4 times a week most weeks and really miss not being able to do it so frequently. I am sure everyone else benefited from my better mood as well.

Helen is a fantastic teacher and her classes are always challenging and rewarding in equal measure.  She offers a great range of times so I can at least manage a class most weeks and there’s even the zoom option in the instance I can’t make it to class.

If you haven’t tried it or not had great previous experiences with yoga practice then just give Helen’s classes a try - it’s ok you can thank me later ;)

Marga, 62

I love doing these classes, though some of the poses (like boat pose!) are challenging. Helen always offers a range of levels for the more difficult asanas so you can choose what’s right for you. I always feel great afterwards and I’ve noticed that I take what I learn in the classes into the rest of my life, whether it’s awareness of posture or breath, or of trying to stay in the moment.

You can tell Helen is extremely well-versed in Ashtanga. She demonstrates the asanas and transitions very clearly and consistently and will often highlight some new aspect in a pose you’ve been doing for years. She brings a lightness and positivity that keeps the classes fun and uplifting. Even via Zoom I leave the class feeling encouraged and looking forward to the next time.

Helen’s classes work really well on Zoom and were a lifesaver during lockdown. She gives such precise instructions that you always know what you’re meant to be doing and she manages the tech side seamlessly so it doesn’t intrude.

When Helen first put her classes on Zoom during lockdown, I had time to step up to 3 classes a week. I’ve really felt the benefit in terms of strength and suppleness from increasing the frequency of my practice and would fit in more if I could.

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while you may be very familiar with an asana, but Helen often leads you to focus on a subtle aspect you’ve never thought about before. I feel that my awareness is always expanding, even though I’ve been doing yoga for many years.

Simon Silver

I have been going to Helens classes for nearly 3 years. I had been doing yoga for a couple of years prior to this.

Helens classes always start on time but occasionally go on for 5 to 10 minutes beyond the hour. The classes have the same structure with about 2/3 of the poses and flows being the same and the other third varying from class to class. The students almost never have to stand and watch while Helen explains or demonstrates something. We attempt to copy what she does but obviously she gives lots of options for those whose bodies aren’t up to it.

What I find particularly impressive is her verbal descriptions of what muscles to use and where on the body to expect to experience the stretch. This allows me to close my eyes for much of the practice and go inwards and feel the yoga. The classes are intense and challenging but I understand that the whole point is to explore the boundary between challenge and discomfort. The classes flow and there are no breaks where the teacher demonstrates or pontificates. There is a little bit of yoga philosophy but the emphasis is on getting to know your own body and to improve strength, stamina, flexibility and concentration.

There is a big emphasis on the breathing that makes complete sense with practice.
Helen has a very open and sunny personality and is very encouraging without being overwhelming.

Thinking back to when I was an absolute beginner how would I have found Helen‘s classes? Probably difficult and would not have believed that it was possible to progress or had the patience to accept the sheer amount of practice needed. But having done a little bit of yoga beforehand, her classes have taken me a great deal further. The hour goes very quickly for me.

Emma Paskett

Strange, I’ve always liked most exercise but yoga def has seeped into my soul a bit!!  Find myself thinking about yoga quite a lot! Prob due to having a good teacher!!  I always feel at my best leaving your Thursday class.

Wendy Arnold

The Sunday Ashtanga workshop was really, really good!
It’s a long while since I’ve done the primary series all the way through.
You gave a good balance between pacing us through and showing/teaching the asanas, which is very much needed when we are at different stages….
My aches in all sorts of muscles just prove I’ve lost fitness by not doing it for so long, although I did push myself.
You put a lot of planning into the morning, and I really appreciate all the care.
Thank you for yogi tea and cakes too!

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