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Summer Scribblings

Hello! Sitting in my garden beneath the parasol - yes, it's actually necessary today and not because it's raining. Enjoy it while it lasts, cold fronts on the way with rumours of 3°C next week. Got to love a British summer.

So, 3 weeks of work left before I leave. That's 9 working days, and one lavish end of school performance and disco to get through. It's been a tough year, but my eyes are firmly fixed on my goal, July 17th. I am very sorry really, to be looking forward to leaving work so fervently. Teaching has been a great job, and I used to think it was one I did well. I have worked with so many wonderful children and I will certainly miss their company (good job I've got Lily...). The thing is, either old age has changed me, or society and parenting have changed  - for the worse. I fear it's the latter. Anyway, it's no longer the job for me so off I trot/limp.

I've been having a lovely few days. Now, please don't think for a single moment that I would like to be without my dear old hubbie, Paul. I wouldn't, he's my best friend. But he left in the early hours of Wednesday morning to cycle up some big mountains with 50 friends. They go every year. And so I have 6 and a half days of pleasing myself. Heaven. I can go to bed when I please; quite late actually as I've binge watched the latest season of Bridgerton. The radio and TV sing to my tune, generally silence. I've not cooked a proper meal since he's gone, not made any lunchboxes, not had to put the toilet seat down once, or move his various pairs of footwear out of the walkway. I've not needed to pretend to be interested in complicated engineering feats at his workplace, detailed recounts of his cycle rides, or thrilling tales of his tank game. Bliss. What I have done is finish a bit of schoolwork, meet my youngest for a walk, have a couple of relaxing cycle rides, played guitar, done some housework. All good exciting things, but at my own pace and very selfishly without considering anyone else's needs. He's home on Tuesday and I shall be pleased to see him. And his bag of sweaty washing. And I will ooh and ahh at his thousands of photos, tables of data and graphs of heart rate and altitude... Enough of that, it's spoiling my relaxation in the sun.

I went for a little ride today. My general health has been on a bit of a downer, and my weight on an upward trend. Needless to say I have the strength of a kitten, the speed of a snail. Regardless, I went for a spin up to Mitcheldean along the Lea line and past the Pennyfarthing pub. Not in, past. 19 rolling miles in the gentle sunshine. I forget at times how good it is to get out in the fresh air and exercise. Throw in the spectacular views on that route across lush (the real meaning...) green hills and valleys, and it would be hard for your spirits to remain repressed. Mind, body and soul refreshed and invigorated, several cups of green tea and a slow bake in the sun later, finds me writing this. Hopefully sounding less miserable than usual.

The future is feeling bright, despite an election on the horizon. Can't believe they're holding it on a Thursday and causing Yin to be cancelled! Rotters. I've posted my vote already. Whatever happens I imagine next month will be pretty much like this one; I can't imagine we'll be feeling any richer or be any more likely to score an appointment at the dentist... And the potholes will still threaten to be the downfall of all road users.

I heard something on the radio today that I thought I'd share. Tomorrow never comes, yesterday's gone, all we ever have is today. Carpe Diem folks.

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