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Long time no write....

It's been an interesting summer to say the least.

We waved Helen off to backpack around Brazil, and set off for Fuerteventura with Lily. A fabulous time was had by all as we rediscovered the joys of a good all inclusive hotel when you have a small child in tow. I can highly recommend Iberostar hotels, we were not disappointed. Lily lived her best life, swimming, sandcastles and sliding, and developing a love of Uno and midafternoon bingo. It's fair to say, however, that it was not relaxing!

To compound the tiredness and general busyness of our return, Paul and I had viewed and agreed to purchase a motorhome in mid July. We'd been planning to do so next year, but are impatient people and once we'd seen The One we paid our deposit and worried about it afterwards. There was so much to do before collecting her on the Friday after our holiday, but we were just about on top of it when my phone rang early Friday morning. It was the alarm service for my dad. On arrival I found him on the floor where he'd been for 13 hours. Poor Dad. My sister stepped into the void that we left when, with slightly reduced joy, we set off to Nantwich with Lily to collect our new home on wheels.

The motorhome, Hilda, is living up to expectations and eating every spare £1. We've had a few weekends away so far, broken a few things already and compiled a very long list of things to buy when we have some cash. I am so impatient for retirement so we can set off into the wild blue yonder...

Dad remains in hospital and flits in and out of sanity. Physically he is better but mentally he is causing us substantial worry, especially as the hospital's discharge team have swung into action and he'll be returning home next week. Goodness knows how we'll cope.

I have had just 2 weeks of yoga since the return of the wanderer, and I needed them more than ever. My flexibility seems not too badly reduced, and I actually managed the leg part of a shoelace this Friday - major milestone! What I have really benefited from, however, is the breathing and opportunity for meditation. This year, more than ever, I need my Yin, and shall protect that window of time on a Thursday morning fiercely. It is a life raft on the turbulent sea of middle age. Who knew that my time and capacity to look after people could stretch even further? Let's hope we don't reach break point any time soon. Don't forget to breathe...

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