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Spring Setback

When Helen was a teenager she tried to persuade me to try yoga. I was uninterested. My perception was that yoga involved a lot of sitting around cross-legged chanting Om. The only exercise I was interested in made me sweat, my heart pound and my muscles ache. Fast forward 20 years and I've just returned from Ashtanga having experienced all of those things! So I was wrong, so very wrong. It was my first proper Ashtanga session in about 5 weeks. A medical issue has prevented me coming along, and when I joined in on Zoom I only did the poses that I could manage easily. The medical issue is being managed, it's not going away, and I'm back at yoga in rather poor shape. I've been indulging in self pity. Also indulging in higher than recommended amounts of crisps, chocolate and beer - that's never going to help. Hopefully up is the only direction from here. 

We've just returned from a lovely 4 nights in South Devon, near Stoke Gabriel. The weather was kinder than forecast and we didn't get soaked to the skin once! We enjoyed some long walks, great views and a very hilly cycle. There were a few times that I was reconsidering my ambition to rely on woman power only to propel myself until at least the age of 70. Especially when a woman cheerfully declared "I'm cheating!" as she breezed past me on the long hill back up from the River Dart. The call of the electric bike was loud and clear that day. I've never been particularly good at cycling uphill - my physiology is better suited to downhill, especially now I'm a fair bit fatter and less fit. Ah well, when when the weather's warmer, when I've more time to get out on my bike, watch this space...

The big party is fast approaching. Just a week away! Like a runaway train, it has gathered momentum and costs have escalated wildly. I've still no idea exactly who's coming. I really hope the band is! We've not heard them play but they were available and very reasonably priced, what could go wrong? My personal shopper, Lily, helped me choose a new dress from the further discounted rail in Labels. Bet (hope?) it can help me look good on the bouncy castle as well as the dance floor. Hope the band knows that one, good song.


My countdown to retirement calendar now proclaims just 41 working days remaining. One term. 13 Monday mornings. I've done my last ever parents' evening, and am composing comments for my last ever set of school reports; they're rattling around like Scrabble tiles in my mind, waiting to be linked together. I hope the parents read them, as I spend hours on each one, seeking the perfect words and phrases to accurately sum up their little darling.

This is my first year with Year 6 so I have two new delights in store this summer. The first is their residential activity trip to Gilwern. I've successfully avoided any residential trip with school for 26 years, but this time I can't get out of it. So long as there's no caving - I'm claustrophobic and scared of the dark. I will undoubtedly need rescuing if I go in, and there will be tears. The second treat is their end of school musical theatre-style performance. It's based on Britain's got Talent but with Disney Villains as the characters. I'm sure the parents will love it, however it turns out. I forecast we, on the other hand, will be thoroughly sick of it by July.

Busy summer term in the offing. And a busy week ahead. Got to find some gluten free cake flour and do some experimental and then actual baking for the party. I will need to be at Yin to restore me and Ashtanga to very likely wear me out, in order to survive until mid July. Hopefully see you there.

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