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Springing into Spring

March already! I've been willing away the winter, but now it really all needs to slow down a bit. Spring is not to be rushed through, but experienced with wonder. 

After my therapy session yesterday (aka Thursday yin yoga) I tackled the lawn. After so much rain, and such warm temperatures, it was a dense mass of lush green grass, teeming with life. It took a while! There was a lot of bending, and I was grateful that my hamstrings had been loosened up already.... Bella, the cat, knows something is coming. She stayed out for ages after I retired to the kitchen for a cup of green tea, as if waiting for something.

And today it's here. Spring! The first day of meteorological spring. I don't subscribe to the depressing alternative definition of the seasons that makes winter the longest one of all. Why would you do that?? And St David's Day too. I'm not Welsh, although some of my ancestors are, but after teaching in a Welsh school since 1998, having my heart and spirits uplifted by children dressed as dragons, miners, Welsh ladies and rugby players each March 1st, I shall always celebrate it. And the singing. My class have been learning Calon Lan, and they sound beautiful. Walking down the corridors this week the air has been full of children singing - something that never fails to lift my spirits.

Winter hasn't dragged this year. We've been getting out and about in Hilda whenever possible. We had a delightful weekend in Pershore in December. So warm that Paul stripped down to his t-shirt on our walk! We saw in the New Year in Kidwelly, saw my first daffodil blooming on New Year's Eve. Yes, I know that's not really a good thing. But noteworthy. We have since had a splendid long weekend in Cheddar, and another similarly splendid one in Much Wenlock. And we eventually got the family ski holiday. 

Back in March 2020 we tried our first family ski holiday. 6 of us set off for Les Arcs mid March, but without the usual excitement. News of coronavirus was escalating by the minute, however foreign travel was still permitted and France open for business, so the travel company wouldn't have refunded us anything if we cancelled. France closed for business 3 hours after we landed. We made the most of our 36 hours in resort, what else can you do??

So, 4 years later, and a small change to the makeup of our party, we tried again. This time on the other side of the valley in Tignes. Success! We had a very good time. There's something about holidays with your whole family that sets them apart from the others, sorry Paul, and I have been sooo fortunate in the last 6 years, we've had so many. I know I'm blessed.

So, 2024! It's been big on my calendar for years now. 14th April marks our Ruby Wedding Anniversary, 17th July I will finish work, November 24th & 26th we become 60. I really don't want it to hurtle past, but have a feeling it might. My calendar is bursting at the seams already, I have never, ever, been so busy. Most of it is good stuff, although the dentist and Bella's annual check up at the vets were shoehorned in there yesterday. I have even put redecorating the kitchen on the calendar, so I have time set aside. First week of August, got to be done, but I'll take time off for yoga. See you there!

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