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New Year

I'm not a winter person. It's the most horrible time of the year. I retreat into my cocoon of dissatisfaction and gluttony, each fuelling the other. I returned to Yin this week and while I should have been practicing mindfulness in the poses I was planning my escape, my metamorphosis. My resolutions took shape as my stiff, heavy limbs resisted doing so...

• Focus on the positive. I am, as my husband will readily tell you, an angry person. Things make me cross. So, I resolve to fix what I can and shake off what I can't. No more seething.

• Live in the present. I am forever looking forward and not appreciating what I have now. I resolve to take pleasure in the lovely little things that happen daily, and not to overlook them.

• Water the flowers, not the weeds. I need to focus on what I'm good at, be proud of my strengths. I spend way too much time thinking about my failings instead of focusing on the things I can do well.

• Look after myself. I'm pretty good at keeping our home running smoothly. I book the cars in for regular services, get things fixed around the home, look after the garden. But me? I neglect to make time to exercise, eat properly and look after my mental health. To function fully we must be well maintained. I resolve to do a better job of maintaining myself.

• Less moaning. I plan to be more positive. Especially at work. Negativity breeds negativity, it's not healthy. So, onwards and upwards. Winter is half finished already, and next Thursday will have 14 minutes more daylight than today. There are green shoots in the garden and the birds are singing heartily each morning. Time to emerge blinking into the daylight, and be open to a new year filled with opportunity and happiness.

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