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November Nonsense

We are surging steadily towards Christmas, whether we like it or not. Christmas lists are starting to be written and Lily is already devoting her spare time to festive colouring. Not sure if she'll manage another 6 weeks until the big day... Earliest I've ever heard Fairytale of New York twice in a week. I like Christmas, but am not overly fond of the run up, especially as it now starts so early. I still remember my childhood when the tree was cut down and then decorated on Christmas Eve, and the excitement was intense but lasted 3 days at most. We had few luxuries, so really appreciated the ones we got at Christmas, like Corona pop, chocolate fingers, trifle, and my mum's special sticky rice krispie cakes. Walking into Aldi today I had to avoid large Kevin the Carrot advertising, and squeeze down narrowed aisles crammed with ever more extravagant things to eat and drink. No longer luxuries as we have them so often.

What is now a luxury to me is an hour, or a morning, when I do not feel obliged to do something useful, and have no guilt at pleasing myself. Holidays provide this, although very difficult to take at the moment, and time away in the motorhome is a good way to get away from responsibility. I am writing this in a micro pub in Cirencester, Paul having driven us up here after work, in the Friday rush hour traffic. Our recent 4 nights in Dorset, although in astonishingly bad weather, was a relaxing time. I meant to take the laptop to get some schoolwork done but forgot it! So there was nothing I was able to do apart from please myself. Bliss.

Yoga is another luxury, although I must often fight for the time to go lately. Thursday morning Yin, where relaxation and meditation are demanded of me, is priceless. I am really looking forward to one of Helen's sound baths. I can't remember the last time I had the luxury of a real bath! Friday morning Ashtanga today, although not relaxing at the time as lizard lunges followed by humble warriors nearly destroyed me, was a great foundation for a weekend away.

I saw some interesting shops on our way to find a good beer this evening. I may return tomorrow for a little festive shopping (I am not a fan of shopping...). We'll see if I'm in the mood after a good walk exploring Cirencester's Roman remains, and possibly finding the source of the Thames. May even break out the pub bikes and head a little further afield if the rain eases up. Christmas shopping can wait, plenty of time yet!

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Totally agree with you about Christma. Far too much hype far too early. Bah humbug🎅

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