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Yin'll Fix It

February is here already. Happy to declare that I am still on track for my positivity and self care goals set in January (most of the time...) Today I drove home from work before lighting up time, hallelujah for a daylight commute again! I've no idea where January went, all I know is that it was travelling at speed. Is it an age thing, or just an overly busy thing? Even Yin got pushed out by my busy life twice, and it is the thing that I look forward to the most.

Helen had mentioned Yin when she first started reading up on it, and had promised me that it would be good for me. She also promised that it would be on a Thursday so I could go. So I awaited it's launch with anticipation. I went along to the workshop filled with a mixture of trepidation and hope, anxious as always about my inadequacies. I needn't have worried; it was a fun workshop populated by friendly people. I was not convinced by the Yin, however. I find it hard to believe in something that I cannot see or feel, and on that first occasion I couldn't see how it would be very beneficial.

A few weeks later the classes started up at Weston and I went along. There seemed to be a lot of inactivity and I was still not convinced. For 3 weeks I was unconvinced...

And then I could see it! And feel it. Suddenly my forward folds in Ashtanga on Fridays were significantly more folded. My twists were more twisted. My rather stiff and inflexible body was noticeably less so. This process has continued over time. My arthritis has stopped progressing, my knees, wrists and shoulders are no longer painful. Still waiting for a eureka moment with my hips, but I am patient...

That might be enough, but is not why Yin is such a treat. I love the inactivity now. I have learned to go to a calm place in my mind, and at times I can even be present in the moment. I find the time spent in a mildly uncomfortable position very therapeutic - my mind cannot be on its treadmill but is forced to focus on the pose. I can switch off the background buzz, the anxieties, demands, plans. It is blissful. When I used to join Ashtanga on Zoom during lockdown I would always skip the last 10 minutes. Now I recognise their importance. Slowing down, stopping, it's an alien concept to many of us. Being in a Yin class forces me to do it, and I love it. Yin should probably be on prescription.

Anyway, Wednesday evening and things to sort because tomorrow I will be at Yin and I don't need anything getting in the way of my weekly restorative treat. My mind and body need it. All the accumulated stress of the week, mental and physical, will be sorted.

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